We are proud of our company’s history which goes back over 150 years, when it was part of the family’s joinery and wheelwrights business. We later incorporated our funeral business with Clegg’s, a reputable company in Wilmslow. It was around this time that our company organised the first official cremation at Macclesfield crematorium. Albert R Slack Senior worked for his uncle, Harry Slack, as an apprentice joiner and wheelwright. His job included sawing planks from logs and making coffins.

It was not long before he took over the role as the funeral director for the firm. In 1952 there was an amicable split and Albert Senior became self-employed, taking over the funeral business started originally by his uncle’s grandfather, John Slack. In 1971, Albert Senior took over Clegg’s funeral business and built the funeral business up, until his death in 1977. Albert’s wife Nancy helped throughout and was still active in the business until her death in 1991.

Those days gave us our foundation, but times and circumstances change. The population in Wilmslow and surrounding areas has increased, religions and families’ wishes are more varied, and work practices and expectations have altered over the years. We are committed to upholding the values instilled within the business by Albert R Slack Senior all those years ago while at the same time looking forward and developing our services to meet our clients’ changing needs.