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We understand that arranging a funeral service can feel very daunting, especially during a very emotional time. Our team is trained to be able to assist you and hopefully make the task less formidable.

We employ our own full-time staff, including two funeral directors, and operate a full 24-hour personal service so that we are always available to give free help and advice with enquiries and instructions. It is however difficult to cover all eventualities in a website summary, and as a result we are always available to provide personal advice.

At all times the funeral director will be supported by two trained, experienced members of staff and a private ambulance that can respond to the directors’ instructions on a 24-hour call out basis, 365 days a year.

A significant number of the funerals we undertake follow a traditional pattern, but we have the experience required to cater for a wide variety of individual wishes.

We have selected a number of key steps for you and your family to consider. Do check if there is a will or if the deceased has left any special requests for their funeral; these will be relevant when discussing the arrangements with the funeral director.

One of the first choices is whether to have a burial or a cremation. This is influenced by:

  • wishes of the deceased and family traditions
  • wishes of the next of kin
  • costs involved

We are happy to discuss this choice with you and give advice.

One of our funeral directors will be available to meet you at a place of your convenience or at our offices. The following points are generally included in any discussion:

  • Guidance and assistance on all legal aspects
  • Co-ordination and completion of required forms
  • Advice and suggestions as to what services are appropriate
  • Viewing at our chapel of rest
  • Funeral service at your place of worship
  • Collection and forwarding of donations
  • Bereavement counselling services
  • We will endeavour to assist with any special requests

The funeral director can complete all necessary planning and arrangements:

  • Clergy, organist, church, crematorium
  • Obituary notices, service sheet design and printing, catering, flowers
  • We will answer all enquiries relating to the funeral