GDPR – Is Albert R Slack Ltd GDPR Compliant?

We’ve always taken your privacy and data very seriously, but with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) coming into play on the 25th May 2018, we have reviewed our policies and procedures. Some of the additional steps we have taken include:

An updated privacy statement

We’ve re-issued our Privacy Statement to make it clearer how we look after your privacy, comply with GDPR and care even more for your privacy.

Reviewed data

We gather required information as you engage our services. We have reviewed this and everything ask is used at some point of our service. We do pass on contact details and requirements to our service providers. We do hold records after our service is concluded, these are to comply with HMRC and other legal requirements.

Communication preferences

To date we have never directly contacted a client to offer any services such as prepaid funeral plans. We have tried large mail leaflet deliveries twice and do not consider it a useful practice.

Inline with the new enforceable law we have now asked you to confirm your communication preferences in our confirmation of arrangements document that every client will receive.

Service provider review

We’ve reviewed all the partners that we need to share selective personal data with to provide our service. We’ve documented how we process data with them and ensured our contracts afford the protection we both require.

A clearer cookie policy

It’s now included in our privacy policy.