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Florists and flowers

We work with a number of local florists and can arrange anything from a single flower to a full coffin spray. If you are organising funeral flowers from a distance you may deal direct with a local florist or ourselves.

To help you, some of the local florists are listed below:

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Chelsea Flowers

59 Chapel Lane
01625 522228
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Goose Green Flowers

07952 833476
07952 382452

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Hayleys Flower Studio

07971 983 761
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Web site

Prestbury Flowers

2 Swanwick House
The Village, Prestbury
SK10 4DG
01625 829609

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All About Flowers

Cobblers Yard, off London Road
Alderley Edge
01625 590059

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Web site

Town Flowers

Hazel Grove
01625 537131
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The Flower Shop Ltd

115 Knutsford Road
01625 419646
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Spreadborough's Florist

74 Cheadle Road
0161 485 1168

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Fishers Florist

217 Buxton Road
SK10 1NB
01625 426106

By way of suggestion, many years ago a local family discussed their requirements with one of the above florists. The florist designed a coffin spray, which looked like one arrangement but in fact was made up of several individual units. Sections of a family effectively had their own tribute but when assembled it looked like one arrangement. Local florists know this arrangement as a Bishop X where the X represents the number of individual units (e.g. a coffin spray with 4 units would be Bishop by 4). The arrangements are in a moisture-retentive material and can be taken to hospitals, churches or homes for the elderly after the funeral, if the family wishes.


The obituary notice will usually indicate whether family members and friends should send flowers or donations. It is becoming more usual with cremations to send donations. Generally the family decide which association they wish to benefit, whilst they are making the funeral arrangements. We will co-ordinate receipt of donations on behalf of the family, prepare an itemised list of donations received and provide a summary to the family. If you contact us we can assist.

A number of commonly supported organisations are listed with links below: